graduation project AD INVADERS

With my project ‘AD INVADERS’ I tried to playfully bring attention to a seriously subject: privacy and personal advertisement.


Stay tuned for more info and photos



identity proposal Worteldagen

Design proposal for the Worteldagen 2016.

Worteldagen is a small theater festival in

and around the village of Norg (Drenthe).



catalogue Groningen als Museum

A museum catalogue about Groningen: Groningen als museum. The thing which stood out for me the most in Groningen was that a lot of international students have children bikes and they are all out of proportion.



subjective atlas Douwe Egberts

A subjective atlas about Douwe Egberts. From Joure to al over the world. And everything about this brand.





silly robot modified alarm

We had to make a Silly Robot in combination with an Arduino. I made a modified alarm clock thats not turning off when you snooze and only can turn off when you are out of bed.



social project Enkel Glas

Social project in combination with the neighbourhood “Oosterpark” in the city of Groningen.

Each windowpane has its own personality and backround story. Who is the person behind the glass?





design proposal workshop manual

Design proposal for the workshop manuals of all the workshops available at Minerva art academy.



identity proposal Groninger Museum

Logo and identity proposal for a fictional assignment about the Groninger Museum.




workshop Hatch Show Print

I had the honor to do a workshop from Master Printer Jim Sherraden from Hatch Show Print, Nashville. He gave a lecture and masterclass about printing and letterpress at Minerva art Academy.



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